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Duchess Designs is a premier New Jersey garden design company specializing in custom designed landscaping that merges the client's personality, dreams, and style with respect for the plants, to turn gardens and garden rooms into living, works of art.

Duchess Designs also produces its own line of planters, The Garden Pendant Collection, designed by Leeann Lavin, the company's owner. Described as "room jewelry," the Collection is the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor planting and adds style to any space. In addition, with the use of decorative indoor planters and decorative flower pots, New Jersey landscape designer Leeann Lavin combines native plants with original themes in order to transform spaces into idyllic enclaves of serene beauty.To learn more about The Garden Pendant Collection, or any of the other Duchess Designs offerings, please browse the web site articles, or contact the designer today.

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